Wraps & Tacos

Souvlaki Wrap 14.35
Chicken breast, red onion, cucumber, tomato, romaine, feta, tzatziki
Thai Chicken Wrap 14.35
Marinated chicken breast, romaine, noodles, green onions, red peppers, Thai dressing, side of peanut sauce
Clubhouse Wrap 14.35
Grilled chicken breast, crispy bacon, tomato, romaine, mayo
Hawaiian Prawn Tacos 14.35
Lime and cumin seasoned sautéed prawns, pineapple salsa, green cabbage and cilantro lime sour cream
Baja Steak Tacos 14.35
Sirloin steak, grated cheddar, green cabbage, banana peppers, salsa and lime sour cream. Served with green salad